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Single FleecyCcircular Knitting Machine

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  • Brand: ???Kaixing
  • Type: ???KXS-F
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    KXS-F provides all-direction intimate design,according to demands and suggestion of customers and operators,on the premise of priority always given to the users.An entirely new KXS-F series first consider the stability,reliability and the widely products use.
    The entire series embody man-oriented idea,introduce frame essence of original ultra high-speed KXSKNIT and simplify operation.The entire series embody man-oriented idea,introduce frame essence of the LCD screen show platform in formation and status on the above screen.At the same time,controlling panel embodys human-based operation,which shape the special field feeling of high-tech except for the language appealing.The kind operation system and supporting various language is helpful to technician from different area,that is ,when the platform stops operation because of the malfunction,technician can promptly deal with the problems acc ording to instructing,which can efficiently promote the production efficiency.
    Special transmission structure considers stress and strain potentiality and match new rolling device considering the shock-proof and precision of supporting system and three-pronged part,The heart components are all completely handled with peculiar rust protection,the machine body components are treated by two-tone high temperature baking varnish,the unique protection door net is open and closed freely in the way of three pieces,and the new drives linking fabric rolling stand can check weaving situation in the real way of 360 degree.Peculiar design and function pay equal attention and have perspectyive depth.
    Kaixing R&D and improve three yarn fleece circular knitting machine whose function excels level in the past,such as the adding polyester,demanding strictly binding yarn and bottom yarn od not leave our the bottom and keep in lined yarn fish scale effect.Fabrics have certain flexibility.It can provide 4 trackspile weave or no pile weave,3 tracks fleece weave and ruck weave,ect--- Apply to the children’s garment,leisure wear,nightgowm,sports dress and so on..Some size of KXS-F series can be change to Single Jersey or Terry Knitting machine.
    Technical Data:
    Rotate Speed:15rpm-40rpm
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