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KXS-UH Series Single Knitting Machines

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  • Brand: ???Kaixing
  • Type: ???KXS-UH
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    1.The frame of machine combines the knitting principle with human engineering.The outline is pretty and it’s firm and reliable.
    2.Special driving system makes the machine run more stably.Main plate and gear of main plate adopt oil-soaking and imported high-class lubricating oil so that the running noise is small,and driving gear is durable.
    3.Strong interchangeability.Just by changing the parts In the heart,single knitting machine could be changed Into terry(loop pile)machine or fleece machine.
    4.All cams are made of imported alloy tooling steel,engraved and abraded by CNCprocessing center,which makes the needle track smooth,and the needle would be fluent and durable when the machine runs at high speed.
    5.New designed center asending & desending system has tight construction and stably asending & desending ,which makes the fabric weight adjusted precisely and simply.
    6.By changing cams with different functions,the machine could produce various fabric with different single structures.
    Diameter: 30〞-44〞
    Garge: 12G-36G
    Feeder: 90F-176F
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