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KXD-CJ Series single pattern Wheel Jacquard Knitting Machines

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  • Brand: ???Kaixing
  • Type: ???KXD-CJ
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         Adopting good reforming and easy repairing electron and voltage ceramic needle selector system,the jacquard circular knitting machine including cylinder needle,middle needle jack and pattern pit and match 3 levers needle selection system and use 8-stage needle selector.Its frequency and space may offer more sufficient time for needle selector to satisfy the machine’s high-speed production requirements.In its long-time running,the computerized needle selector may maintain low energy consumption and moderate heat,thus greatly improving the selection accuracy.Precise encoder can accurately calculate the needle position and zero position for correction.This ensure thestability of needle selection system.Weave the large jacquard fabrics pointed by design and this function overcomes the disadvantages of common mechanical jacquard in limitation of the range of knitting pattern,and saves the time for changing jacquard patterns.
         Offer anotherspecial picture software which can draw or scan and input pattern under the PC/Windows2000 operating system and then turn into a form that the knitting machine and understand and act on.Drawing system has various function which can make and copy quickly the complicated image and has dissymmetrical and up-down turning effects.
    Using different color yarn and yarn types can knit general one colour,multicolour jacquard fabrics and fat flower air-layer weave,ect----Apply to male leisure wear,underwear,lady dress and home decoration and so on.Installing the lycra device makes fabrics elastic.
         Technical Data:
         Rotate Speed:13rpm-20rpm
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